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College Basketball's Tarnished Twenty...

University of Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines came out fighting this fall with a set of talented maize-clad freshmen and a young, energetic coach ready to clean up the program and win some games. While an army of former players marched before a federal grand jury, and the Ed Martin scandal lingered in the background, the young Wolverine squad won their first six games. Then the honeymoon ended, as the NCAA began a seemingly endless investigation of Jamal Crawford, that kid with the screaming yellow headband and the deadly jump shot.

After looking into Crawford's relationship with Seattle communications mogul Barry Henthorn, a "family friend" who housed, fed and bought gifts for the talented young hoopster, the NCAA slapped Crawford with a six-game suspension for violating rules on amateurism and extra benefits. Henthorn claims his relationship with Crawford was strictly legit. But since the investigation began, Seattle and Detroit newspapers have uncovered some questionable details. Most troubling are reports of an unsigned scholarship agreement granting Crawford money in exchange for promoting the Academic Assistance Foundation, an unregistered non-profit organization tied to Henthorn.

From there, things just went downhill for the Wolverines. Michigan athletic director Tom Goss was forced out of his job after he failed to inform university president Lee Bollinger of the NCAA investigation. And just when it looked like the Wolverines would get their top scorer back, the NCAA tacked on eight more games to Crawford's suspension due to his ill-fated attempt to enter the NBA draft straight out of high school.

The Wolverine basketball team responded to the Miseducation of Jamal Crawford by dropping nine of their last twelve games, including a season-ending 75-65 loss to Notre Dame in the first round of the NIT. Meantime, Coach Brian Ellerbe went on the defensive, trying to keep the press out of practice. Who could blame him? He, too, had plenty of reason to hide, after allegedly asking a student to keep quiet about a player suspected of stealing her valuables.

Michigan's reputation may only get dragged through more mud, thanks to Ed Martin and the FBI. Martin, the banned booster accused of running an illegal gambling ring in local auto plants, reportedly entered a plea bargain agreement with federal officials. The deal: he'll tell all on his dealings with the UM basketball program in exchange for pleading guilty to gambling and tax evasion charges. So far, the Wolverines have escaped with only minor sanctions for rules violations connected to Martin, whose influence on the program dates back at least to the days of the Fab Five. But if new testimony supports whispers of cash payments to more recent players, such as former star Louis Bullock, the Michigan program may find itself in hot water with the NCAA again next season.

Check Out The Stories

From CNN/SI:

Documents Show Extent of Martin's Biz

Agents Begin Second Round of Interviews with Former Players

Michigan Investigating Martin

Agreement Proposed for Booster

Crawford Sparks Michigan Past Illinois After Fifteen Minutes on Bench

Michigan Star Crawford Sidelined by NCAA Question

NCAA adds to Crawford's suspension

Michigan AD Goss Resigns

Payment Needed: NCAA Tells Crawford He Must Repay Seattle Businessman

'Absolutely No Truth': Michigan's Crawford Tells Coach He's Leaving

Crawford Could Learn Fate Thursday: UM Still Waiting to Hear Back From NCAA About Return

Crawford Only Out for 8 More Games

From CBS SportsLine:

NCAA question keeps Crawford on Michigan bench

Crawford Ordered to Repay Seattle Businessman for Benefits

Goss Resigns As Michigan Athletic Director

Coach Denies Crawford Told Him He Will Go Pro

Newspaper: Document Links Suspended Wolverine to Foundation

Michigan awaiting to hear whether Crawford can play

From the Sporting News:

NCAA question keeps Crawford on Michigan bench

Michigan AD Ends Turbulent Reign

Michigan AD Expected to Resign Today

NCAA Orders Crawford to Pay Back $15,000

Michigan Coach Denies Crawford Told Him He Will Go Pro

Report: Papers Link Crawford to the Foundation

NCAA Says Michigan's Crawford Permanently Ineligible


NCAA Still Reviewing Crawford Case

Man says Michigan knew Crawford's story

Crawford Ordered to Repay Benefits

Goss Had a Rocky 29 Months in Ann Arbor

Questions Raised About Legitimacy of AAF

Unsigned Agreement Links Crawford

Appeal Saves Crawford's Eligibilty

From Total College Sports:

Eligibility questions keep Crawford on Michigan bench

Crawford's Eligibility Questioned

Michigan Awaits NCAA Word on Crawford

From the U-Wire Today:

Congress Considers Bill to Control Gambling in College Sports

Crawford Benched for Investigation

Crawford's Status Uncertain as Michigan Hosts Ohio State

Details in Crawford Case Emerge

Michigan Coaches, Board Confused by Departure of AD

Michigan's Crawford, St. John's Barkley Face Similar Cases

Lawsuit Adds to Crawford's Troubles

Relationship Between Michigan's Crawford and Friend Under More Scrutiny

Crawford May Leave Michigan; People Close to Guard Deny Rumors

Crawford Friend Linked to Sports Agency

NCAA still quiet on Crawford decision

From the Ann-Arbor News/Michigan Live:

NCAA suspends player for 2nd time this year

Fans decry NCAA's punishment of U-M's Crawford

Letter to NBA could end Crawford's U-M career

U-M Takes Action on NCAA Rules

New U-M Policy Spells Out Prohibited Gambling Activities

Homesick Crawford Considers a Transfer

Crawford: I'm Not Leaving

Coach Stepped in to Prevent Theft Charges

U-M Student Drops Theft Case After Coach Intervenes

Goss resignation deal still in the works

According to NCAA, Crawford Must Repay $15,000 if He Stays at U-M

Crawford Denies He's Headed to NBA

Goss Quitting Today, Say U-M Officials

Tom Goss' Separation Agreement

Ellerbe Distances Himself from Crawford As New Allegations Arise

Ellerbe: Michigan Suffering from Crawford's Absence

NCAA suspends player for 2nd time this year

Fans Decry NCAA's Punishment of U-M's Crawford

From the Detroit Free Press:

Wolverines' Crawford will miss eight more games

U-M's Rules Go Beyond NCAA's

U-M coach intervened in players' inquiry

Crawford Must Sit for Five More

Goss to Resign at U-M

Crawford Must Repay Benefactor: Nobody Seems to Know How U-M Guard Can

Athletic Director Gives in To President's Wishes

Goss' Resignation Expected Today

Keeping Bollinger in the Dark Sealed Goss' Fate

Three Loans to Crawford Questioned

Henthorn: U-M's Mystery Man

Numbers Man Gets Sentenced

Crawford Deal Spelled Out: Document Links Player to Foundation

Ellerbe Tries to Clear the Air

Player's Mom Upset by U-M Silence

Crawford is Kept Waiting Until Today: U-M Guard's Penalty Scheduled to Expire

U-M Player Suspended Again: Jamal Crawford Will Miss Eight Games After Michigan Appeals Ban by NCAA

Ignorance is no excuse to hypocritical NCAA

The path leading to NCAA suspensions

$3-million U-M Deficit Confronts Interim AD

Plea deal: Banned Booster to Tell All in U-M Basketball Scandal

Bollinger's Letters Reveal Goss Rift: President Told AD to Fix Things in August

Plea Deal: Banned Booster to Tell All in U-M Basketball Scandal

Bollinger's Letters Reveal Goss Rift: President Told AD to Fix Things in August

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Sigh of relief at Rainier Beach

Crawford wins appeal of full eligibility loss

Dillon: No Henthorn relationship

Crawford endures tense moments

Cars, Jewelry Part of Crawford Saga

Aid to Crawford Questioned

Crawford, Henthorn Face Expanded Investigations

Additional Penalties Possible for Crawford

Henthorn Company Has Sports Arm

Crawford wins appeal of full eligibility loss

Crawford endures tense moments

Dillon: No Henthorn relationship

From the Seattle Times:

NCAA slaps Crawford with 8-game suspension

Henthorn, Crawford Friendship Remains an Enigma

Michigan's Jamal Crawford May Owe Even More

Document Ties Crawford to Henthorn

NCAA Delves Into Gray Area of Guardians

NCAA slaps Crawford with 8-game suspension

Who is this mystery man Henthorn?

From The Michigan Daily Online:

Under investigation Media, 'U' await report's findings

Athletic Official Acknowledges Practice Incident: No Serious Problems Source Says

Flintstoned: Crawfordless Michigan Falls to Michigan State

Like It or Not, This is Michigan Basketball

Goss to Step Down

Athletic Department in Disarray

Details in Crawford Case Emerge

Ellerbe's Technical a Martyr Worthy Move

Suit Adds to Crawford's Troubles

Friend May Have Given Crawford Scholarship

Ellerbe Sheds Light in Forbidden Places

The Question: Will Jamal Play?

NCAA Still Quiet on Crawford Decision

Spirit of Rule Lost on NCAA

Bollinger Names Interim AD

Transition Begins with Interim AD

Letters Show Bollinger, Goss Disputes

Ed Martin Agrees to Sign Plea Bargain

Letters Show Bollinger, Goss Disputes

From the Chicago Tribune:

NCAA Penalizes Crawford Again: Michigan to Appeal Latest 8-Game Suspension for Freshman

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