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Sports Law: Women and Sport: Title IX Cases

  • Title IX Lawsuits A partial list of lawsuits filed under Title IX, including landmark cases.
  • Boucher v. Syracuse University (2nd Cir., 1999) Partial reversal of summary judgement for Syracuse and remand for consideration of allegations that Syracuse's athletic program violated Title IX sex discrimination regulations.
  • Cohen v. Brown University (1996) Found that Brown University was in violation of Title IX provisions when it demoted certain womens teams from university-funded to donor-funded. Case was appealed to the Supreme Court in 1997.
  • Franklin v. Gwinnett County Public Schools 503 U.S. 60 (1992). Title IX action by a high school student for sexual harrasement by her physical education teacher. Court found that Title IX does permit awards of damages.
  • Mercer v. Duke University (4th Cir., 1999). Suit by female placed kicker alleging discrimination in her removal from the Duke University football team. Court finds that where the school has permitted a student of the opposite sex to try out for a single-sex team in a contact sport, they are subject to Title IX.
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Smith __ US __ (decided Feb. 23, 1999). Court held that the NCAA is not subject to discrimination actions under Title IX because it does not receive sufficient government funds to be a government agent or actor.
  • Neil v. Board of Trustees (9th Cir.,1999) Court holds that reducing the number of positions available on men's athletic teams in order to save money and promote participation by women is not a violation of Title IX provisions against gender discrimination in sport, nor is it a violation of similar California legislation. [Related News Article]
  • O'Connor v. Board of Education of School District 23 449 U.S. 1301. Decision on whether a school district may refuse to allow a junior high girl of exceptional talent try out for the boys basketball team.
  • Smith v. NCAA Claim that NCAA rule prohibiting student-athletes from competing in intercollegiate sports while enrolled at a graduate institution other than their undergraduate school was an anti-trust violation, Title IX discrimination, and breach of contract.
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